Olay Cellular Bioenergetics

Olay Cellular Bioenergetics Illustrations

Olay wanted to talk science. Their Regenerist line had a lot of research into cellular bioenergetics and how it affects skin health. They needed illustrations to help tell this story.

This artwork was showcased online, in pamphlets and other marketing materials. And was surrounded by a larger marketing initiative. Everything was geared towards explaining the changes in your skin as you age at the cellular level. The artwork above was an inspirational piece focused on showing cellular energy.

Cellular energy process digital artwork
Skin fatigue process digital artwork

Everything was colored blue and gold to fit with Olay’s branding. This was a client request. However, there was a lot of freedom in how the visuals were executed. It needed to feel premium, so I used a lot of thin typography and fine details in the graphics. Some 3D elements were incorporated but mostly everything was painted in Adobe Photoshop. Overall, it was a very enjoyable project to tackle.

Aging skin comparison digital artwork