Viaggi Brand

Smart Case for iPad, in red leather
Smart Case for iPad, in red leather

Viaggi, a Cincinnati-based internet provider, was developing a suite of products capable of generating Wifi hotspots.

Viaggi’s goals were two-fold. One, to promote these products to investors. Two, to test them within their consumer market. Photo-realistic renders quickly became the best answer to communicating and promoting these products.

Smart Case for iPad, Leather options
Smart Case for iPad, includes battery, SIM card, & Wifi hotspot

These 3D renders were created for their website and promotional materials. Capturing colors and finishes was a critical aspect. Viaggi wanted to communicate the intended product finish before manufacturing started. This allowed them to gauge consumer interest before investing in hardware development, which is a huge cost savings.

USB Car Charger & Wifi Hotspot (SIM card)