Tex-Air Gas Co. Branding

Tex-Air Gas Co. primary logos
Tex-Air Gas Co. primary logos

Tex-Air Gas Co. distributes helium, a critical ingredient in many of today’s cutting-edge technologies. The family-owned company needed a brand and website that demonstrates how it helps businesses drive the future.

This was one of those rare projects where the design crystalizes incredibly quickly with seemingly little effort. We would go back and say, “Should we tweak this or that?”. And we quickly realized that, no, we got it exactly right the first time!

Joe Prowell reached out to me as he was beginning to take a greater role in the day-to-day operations as the president of Tex-Air Gas Co. He explained to me that his team is truly unique, nimble, and bold—his guys don’t shy away from unusual requests, such as propelling David Blaine’s quest across the desert by way of giant helium balloons! We wanted to juxtapose the company’s curiosity and enthusiasm for exploration alongside its definitively Texan, down-to-business reliability.

Tex-Air Gas Co. horizontal logo lockup
Tex-Air Gas Co. horizontal logo lockup

Helium is used today in advanced technologies ranging from pharmacy to outer space! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t partly inspired by the NASA worm logo. It became clear that I needed to tap into an advanced, futuristic aesthetic, which of course the old NASA logo does brilliantly. Ultimately, we wanted Tex-Air Gas Co. to feel like a company that NASA could rely on every day.

Tex Air Gas Co Container truck with Grade A Helium logo
Container truck with Tex-Air and Grade A Helium logos
Tex Air Gas Co. trucker hats
Trucker hats necessary!
Tex Air Gas Co. business cards
Business cards are also helpful

The illustrious Eric Robinson of Thumbs Up Studio and marvelous James Colombo of Magic Pie Copy crafted a wonderful website from the brand I designed. You should go check it out!